Learning Seaside
Notes from my learning experience with Squeak Seaside, by Ian Prince
20 April 2004

Bern Seaside trip report

I was one of the 20-30 attendees to Lukas Renggli's excellent talk in Bern entitled "A walk on the Seaside - Building complex web applications simply".

Lukas has kindly prepared a page here with links to the presentation slides and the Seaside 2.5 image file used for the live demos. Well worth downloading!

At the end of the talk Lukas demonstrated a very impressive insurance quote generator he has co-developed with Adrian Lienhard for a Swiss insurance company. Lukas also demonstrated SqueakSource and says it was developed in 3 man-days. Wow!

Below is Lukas and Stéphane (Ducasse) at the after-talk apéro, also called a SIGBeer in Bern for some strange reason as all I could find was wine!

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