Learning Seaside
Notes from my learning experience with Squeak Seaside, by Ian Prince
8 December 2007

Easy sessions or easy bookmarking, choose one

Randal L. Schwartz nicely sums up a key difference between Seaside and traditional web frameworks:
In traditional web programming, the default is "sessions are hard, bookmarks are easy". In Seaside, the default is "sessions are easy, bookmarks are hard". You can't get both at the same time.
Non-automatic bookmarking, rather than hard bookmarking, might be closer to the truth, at least from a developer's point of view. And as Lukas Renggli says, with Gemstone "infinite memory" you can just keep your sessions for ever and never have expired URLs.

Update: there's an interesting discussion on handling expired seaside sessions here on Ken Treis's blog.