Learning Seaside
Notes from my learning experience with Squeak Seaside, by Ian Prince
25 October 2005


Dabble is announced!

Dabble "combines the best of group spreadsheets, custom databases, and intranet web applications into a new way to manage and share your information online" and brilliantly shows how Seaside enables a whole new class of web applications.

I've had the privilege to test a pre-release version and found that it elegantly combined the power of a database with the ease of use of a spreadsheet. It's going to be very interesting to see what kind of end-user apps get built with Dabble.

Update. Some quotes on the announcement:

"In Dabble, with absolutely no programming, I incrementally created a project management tool with all of the functionality of PMT in about 30 minutes. That 30 minutes included submitting bug reports and feature suggestions."
Chad Fowler

"If it's only half as good as it looks like, this might become the most popular Smalltalk application ever."
Christian Langreiter