Learning Seaside
Notes from my learning experience with Squeak Seaside, by Ian Prince
18 November 2005

Bern Smalltalk party was great

The Bern Smalltalk party was friendly, fun and informative (participant list and Alexandre's notes here).

Lukas presented Pier (formerly known as SmallWiki 2). I'm convinced that Pier is going to make a big splash in the wiki/web development scene. Lukas also presented Magritte (the underlying meta-model of Pier) that is is now sufficiently mature to be modeled in itself! Over lunch I talked to Lukas about the best way to "deliver" Pier and Magritte meta-modelling to small businesses.

I managed to install Pier from SM into a fresh 3.8-6665 image. Pier is still bleeding edge, access-control for example is separate (Philippe ran me thru a demo of his add-on in this respect - thanks) and web access to Magritte via Pier is still missing.

Markus Gaelli showed a Petri net demo in etoys using the squeak plugin, the squeakland plugin installation process now seems to work.

Klaus D. Witzel and Lex Spoon also made presentations, see Alexandre's notes.

Patrick Chénais gave me a Topologos demo - looks cool, I'll have to take a second look at the Seaside UI built on top of the Morphic app.

So thank you Alexandre for organizing the event, I look forward to the next one!

Update: Klaus has posted a report on the squeakdev list